Does anyone know of a natural remedy for ovarian cysts? Health Remedies

Does anyone know of a natural remedy for ovarian cysts?  Health Remedies

Does anyone know of a natural remedy for ovarian cysts?

I have ovarian cysts that come during ovulation. I was wondering if beets, aloe vera juice and molasses will help get rid of them, or does anyone know of any natural remedy that will help? I was also wondering if the ovarian cysts that come during ovulation will prevent you from getting pregnant? If you could give me more info on the type of cyst I have, please let me know also. Much help needed here..thanks!

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I would suggest you research iodine supplementation.

You have what are known as functional ovarian cysts.

Treatment of ovarian cysts generally depends on the woman’s age, the size and type of cyst, overall health status and severity of symptoms. Sometimes treatment may not be required for cysts as they would probably heal by themselves in about one to three months. Practicing patience as well as being observant is important during this time as there will be a lot of waiting around.

Regular monitoring with pelvic ultrasounds should be performed periodically. Hormone therapy such as oral contraceptive pills may be prescribed to reduce new cysts from developing as well as decrease your risk of cancer. If cysts are large, abnormal or cause pain, surgery may be recommended to remove the cyst.

Cysts may either be removed in a procedure known as a cystectomy (cysts can be removed without removing the ovary) or a procedure known as oophorectomy (removing the affected ovary and leaving the other intact). If the cyst is cancerous, a hysterectomy may be performed to remove both ovaries and uterus.

Natural treatments such as herbs and herbal remedies have also proven to be quite effective in there ability to restore the balance of levels of hormones in the body as well as to prevent and reduce ovarian cysts. These herbs are safe and gentle on the body’s system, and also enhance overall health and wellbeing of women. Use Dong Quai, the Chinese herb to promote female reproductive health and hormone balance. It acts as a nourishing tonic, supports the menstrual cycle and promotes hormonal health during menopause and perimenopause.

You may get additional details over here http://www.healthherbsandnutri.....ngquai.htm and

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