Experience The Miracle

Experience The Miracle

Experience The Miracle

Commonly Asked Questions About AminoGenesis

Q: How does AminoGenesis work?
A: AminoGenesis works initially by removing superficial, dull appearing scales, without irritation. Then the deep penetration process begins as the rich mixture of specially blended humectants and laboratory synthesized amino acids penetrate rapidly into the skin. The special preservative system guarantees germ-free delivery.

Q: How does AminoGenesis reduce signs of aging and beautify the skin?
A: As we age our skin becomes depleted of the moisture and nutrients needed to adequately repair itself. By deeply delivering the powerful amino acid and moisture package contained in AminoGenesis the skin can begin to repair and beautify itself.

Q: Although AminoGenesis works on problem skin, will it help my normal skin look more youthful?
A: Yes! While it’s true that AminoGenesis has shown miraculous results in helping skin problems and injuries, it was originally designed to be the most effective moisturizer and exfoliant ever created. If you have relatively healthy skin, AminoGenesis can improve your skin and help keep it healthy for many years to come!

Q: Will AminoGenesis be gentle enough for my sensitive skin?
A: Yes! AminoGenesis has had over10 years of research (along with extensive hospital use) and has been effectively used on patients with serious skin injuries. This formula is very gentle and soothing… even on the most sensitive skin types.

Q: Is AminoGenesis suitable for all skin types?
A: Yes! Whether your skin is dry, oily or a combination of both, this formula works wonders on all skin types. Forget all the advertising hype, which says you need different products for different skin types... AminoGenesis is all you need!

Q: Do I still need several skin care products or can AminoGenesis replace them all?
A: This amazing formula replaces a host of traditional products. One of the most exciting aspects of AminoGenesis is the way it exfoliates more effectively than alpha hydroxy acids, (without irritation) while hydrating, moisturizing and rejuvenating your skin. Because of this, you can forget about the countless creams and lotions you now use!

Q: Why is AminoGenesis so different than other top of the line skin care products?
A: Simply put. No other skin care formula has our technology. No other skin care product was created and then performed under the rigors of the health care industry before being available to the general public. No other formula has our complex delivery system, combined with our amino acid/moisture/humectant nutrient package.

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