SP-18 - All Natural Sunscreen

SP-18 - All Natural Sunscreen

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Good Reasons to Switch to SP-18 All Natural Sunscreen From ...

Most sunscreen products contain chemicals such as octyl methoxycinnamate

(OMC) which come with warnings for the manufacturer that they

may be carcinogenic at high concentrations. In fact it is hard

to find a single sunscreen without these chemicals. We actually

developed this product because we wanted a suncreen for ourselves

and our own children and were unable to find a suitable one

SP-18 does not contain any of these other common suncreen ingredients

which are known to be irritating to sensitive skin: PABA (para-aminobenzoic

(benzophenone-3), avobenzone, octyl salicylate (OCS), octyl

SP-18 provides the UV protection of sunscreens rated at SPF

18 but it uses only natural products (zinc oxide and titanium

dioxide) to scatter the UV radiation from the sun.

SP-18 is truely waterproof... it stays on the surface of your

skin even when you go in the water. SP-18 does this by using

an advanced technology called Triple Silicone Emulsion to encapsulate

the sun-protection ingredients inside microscopic polymere bubbles.

These bubbles stick to the outside layer of your skin so the

sun protection ingredients can’t soak in.

Sun’s rays are scattered by microscopic particles of

zinc oxide embedded within polymer bubbles on the surface

SP-18 contains oat protein, beta glucans and panthenol to feed

and revitalize your skin so you get a skin beauty treatment

while protecting yourself from the negetive effects of too much

SP-18 is creamy, not greasy. It spreads easily, like a lotion,

and then disperses quickly so you don’t even know its there.

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