What Brake Fluid Should I Use , How To Change Brake Fluid

What Brake Fluid Should I Use , How To Change Brake Fluid

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How To Change Brake Fluid ?

While it is not at all necessary to change the brake fluid every year, you should make it a point to change it every 2 years. Remember, brake fluid is hydroscopic nature and it absorbs moisture. This will have an effect on the fluid. Also, during the braking process, the moisture will begin to boil and this has an effect on the braking action of the automobile.More...

When it comes to figuring out when to change brake fluid, remember it is dependent on your driving. In case you use your vehicle for driving in mountainous terrains, towing another vehicle, or driving at high speed, then you should change the brake fluid when the moisture content is around two percent. In general, brake fluid should be changed when the moisture content in the fluid is more than three percent.

Some vehicle manufacturers claim that brake fluid should be changed after twelve months, while others claim that it should be changed every two years. However, once again, this is dependent on the amount of moisture that is absorbed by the fluid, and this absorption is dependent on many factors like the kind of fluid used, the level of humidity, the mileage driven, the kind of brake hoses installed and the state the seals are in. More...

Brake fluid is the liquid that is put into the braking system of a vehicle. This fluid is extremely important as it helps to reduce the pressure that builds up during the process of braking. The fluid helps to reduce the wear and tear that the constant braking causes on the braking system and the gears.

You may be wondering what color is brake fluid. Usually when you get new can of fluid, it should be clear and without any cloudiness. The fluid should be an extremely light color of tan and transparent. However, as you drain out the old brake fluid from the braking system, it will be of a much darker color. More...

When it comes to brake fluid, the array of fluids can be confusing and you can end up picking the wrong fluid for your vehicle. If this happens, it can damage the braking system or even result in the loss of brake pressure. Hence, choosing the right brake fluid is very important. More..