Did you watch the Tyra Banks show yesterday with the obese children?

Did you watch the Tyra Banks show yesterday with the obese children?

Did you watch the Tyra Banks show yesterday with the obese children?

I was absolutely disgusted. When I was a kid I would be in heaven if I could eat brownies and ice cream all day, but my parents wouldn’t let me, because children aren’t able to control that desire. They had children on the show age 10-13 weight 200-300. Do you think CPS needs to get involved and possibly take these children out of the home, until the parents take nutrition classes, and redo their family menu and kitchen foods to get them back?

1 in 4 four year olds in this country are OBESE.

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Incoming search terms for the article:tyra obese 12 year old

it was horrible, but the parents are to blame, not the children

and no they got to go to camp, it’s not like it’s illegal to over eat

they are getting help at the camp shane, good luck to them

If it is a gland problem then no but if the parents are feeding their kid nothing but garbage then yes CPS should step in.

Kids need junk food BELIEVE IT OR NOT, the fat and sugars in food are actually not bad for kids but IN MODERATION!!

To whom ever called me ignorant what makes me ignorant? The fact that I understand that moderation is key? The fact that I will allow my daughter to have cookies and candy in MODERATION? It is not the cookies that are bad for kids it is the AMOUNT of cookies you allow a kid to have that is bad for them. It is not McDonalds that is bad for kids it is the parents who get it every other day that is bad for kids.

Obesity is a huge problem here because everything is a quick fix. Everything is drive through and video games. Junk food and watching TV. None of the things I have listed is bad, I enjoy junk food, I love video games and watching TV but everything in life has to be in moderation.

if obesity was only about food there would be no obesity to fight.

I missed that yesterday, but have seen other shows on the same subject. It is reprehensible that a parent would allow their child to become obese. They are basically shortening their child’s life. Unfortunately – CPS is too overworked as it is to get involved in these cases. And besides – many of these parents are obese as well.

Yes, I do. I was shocked to see these kids eating styles. My kids will never be overweight. I’m not and neither will my kids. I’m at my ideal weight to be 5’11 so I’m happy. I also have a balanced diet. Friday is the day that I splurge a little bit and eat like, Doritos, ice cream, something like that. I also allow myself one soda (12 ounce) a day. The rest of the time it green tea or water. I think that if the parents were to do this the kids would be extremely happier. I couldn’t imagine letting my kids get that big. It makes me sick that these parents let their children. I am personally dumb founded.

I agree 100% that the parents are to blame and they should be charged. But Child services stepping in is unrealistic. They are so many children being beat, starved, sexual abused etc. Sadly no room for kids with stupid parents. There is a shortage of social workers and there is just no way at this time for child and family services to correct these situations. Neglect in this way is pushed to the bottom of the list. CPS must prioritize and children in direct danger of loosing their life due to physical abuse come first, as they should/.

I caught the last 1/2 hour of it. It was so sad.

The source are the parents. Most parents to obese children are obese themselves. My parents wouldnt let me or my brother eat the brownies & ice cream either. We had 3 meals a day, with NO snacks in between. . . . and we were outside most of the day, especially in the summer.

My 9 yr old daughter has her daddy’s ‘obese’ gene. I keep her active all the time. Daddy has become a couch potato since getting out of the Marine Corps. Daddy also likes to bring the junk food in the house. I try to keep it out. . . . which is REALLY hard for me because I LOVE to eat. . . . . I can eat ALL the time. . . eat whatever I want. . . . and not gain a pound. So I do sacrifice for my daughters health and my husbands health and keep the junk out of the house. But it is hard when HE is constantly bringing it in.

I have tried to talk to him about it. It does no good. I have even donated the junk goodies to any homeless person or center nearby.

So it starts with the parent(s). Education! I feel CPS DOES need to get involved. We’re talking about the childs life here!

mom of 4 yr old sextuplets&baby♥ Says:

I did watch that show. It almost made me sick to my stomach. . . especially the video’s *gag* I think the CPS does need to take the children from the horrible parents. . . this isn’t the childs fault, its the parents fault! 300 pounds is so much. yuck

I think the parents need to take more responsibility for their actions.

I didn’t see it but agree with you, it’s a form of abuse, your crippling them, possibly for life, we as parents need to step up and be parents, my kid would love to eat cookies and ice cream all day, but of course she doesn’t, ive tried very hard to encourage healthy eating, theres nothing wrong with a snack no adn then but those poor kids are living off junk, it’s horrible

It takes one to know one Says:

I was allowed to eat pretty much whatever I wanted as a child, and I was never, nor am I now, overweight. I ate chips, cookies, ice cream, etc. But also had a balanced dinner prepared for me every night, and healthy foods available in the house. These kids are using food to fill some other void in their life. They need proper parenting, love and attention, not just a restricted diet. Not all kids, when left to their own devices, will choose to overeat.

I agree that the body was not meant to eat processed food. But neither were humans meant to be in the air and look at us now.

The reality though is that these foods exist and we have to teach our children how to handle these foods. It is not enough to say that these are bad for you. We need to educate our children about food. McDonald’s is a sometimes food. So make sure you only eat it sometimes. Not every Saturday night dinner. Don’t use it as a bribe or reward. This negates negative food association later on in life.

As a child I don’t remember trying McDonald’s til about the age of 8 for a friends birthday party. The same being said of soft drink. I found it to be extremely sad when a two year old at work saw my glass of juice and asked if it was coke.

I think that these parents should have to sit classes cause this is a form of child endangerment.

And women please don’t negatively critique each other. We’re all entitled to our opinions and this only proves what men say about us as being bitchy in packs.

I was 270 lbs at 12 years old. I am now 30. I’ve never been in therapy, earned a bachelors degree (with honors), have been a valued employee at every job I’ve ever had, am a good friend and have good friends, am a mother (to a thin child if it matters), a wife, and have no health problems.

I don’t torture animals, I pay my taxes, and I routinely donate to charity. I even flush the toliet after I use it.

Had I ended up in foster care because you think my parents are wretched simply because I’m fat, I would very likely not have turned out as “normal” and healthy as I am.

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