Foods that make up a healthy diet

Foods that make up a healthy diet

In modern culture there’s pressure everywhere to make sure you eat a “healthy diet.” With all of the talk shows, diet books, celebrity diet, and lose weight fast plans out there it can get a little confusing trying to figure out what actually does make for a healthy diet. Well, fortunately, there are some nutritional science mainstays you can always count on.

Fruits and Vegetables

Remember, if you can eat it raw, it’s almost always good for you. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals. Fruits typically have healthy sugars for energy, and vegetables can be high in protein. Both of them are high in fiber, and any walk through the local pharmacy will show you how important fiber is. While you may want to cook or process your vegetables for texture or flavor, remember that cooking them can reduce their nutritional value. They’re still good for you sure, assuming you didn’t bathe them in butter, but they’d be even better for you if they were raw. Apples, Grapes, Pears and Watermelons are easy to eat fruits. Broccoli, Cauliflower and Celery are all commonly served raw as healthy appetizers. (Watch the Ranch dressing though, that’s bad.)

Protein is your Pal

A healthy diet is always going to have plenty of protein. Protein is what your body uses to build your muscle mass and replace body tissues as you age. It’s the most basic building block of the body. If this wasn’t enough to make you see how important protein is, consider its metabolic boosting “side effect.” Your body actually burns calories in the process of breaking your food down in to useable compounds. While carbohydrates and fats can be reprocessed pretty easily, (especially into fat) proteins typically need to undergo much more synthesis before being useable. This means you actually burn calories just trying to use the calories in your food. An efficient metabolism is the key to over all good health and high energy, so anything that helps you get that metabolism is a plus. Lean meats and various vegetables can be great sources of protein. While I prefer meat myself, the essentially non-existent fat content of raw beans can’t be ignored.

Fish are Friends!

Actually, fish are food. They’re a food that fits in to any healthy diet. Fish are obviously a good source of low fat protein, but they have other benefits. Sea fish are typically rich in Omege-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 acids are a specific type of fatty acid shown to have various positive health attributes like reducing blood pressure and being an antioxidant. While Omega 3 Supplements are available, the best way to put these into your diet is to get them from their saltwater source.

These foods are considered part of a healthy diet by countless weight loss and nutrition professionals. If you combine these foods in proportion and an exercise program, you’ll find yourself feeling better than you have in years. Even if you don’t need to lose weight, making sure your body has all the things it needs in the amounts it needs them is the only way to enjoy your health.