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flu and health, be healthy    2009    September

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It appears as if I have seen a lot about complex coaching. And usually, when complicated training is brought up, Randy Couture’s circuit is also discussed.

In case you don’t know, “complex” training ( which can also be called “circuit training” ) is a technique of exercise in which you move from one exercise to the subsequent without rest. It can be done on machines, or with different implements, but the more preferred strategies involve just one weight a single barbell, a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells, a sandbag, and so on.

As far as Randy’s complex, it goes like this ( medium-high reps ) :

Now Randy isn’t the sole out there who uses complexes, has had success with them, or has designed very good complex-based workouts. Martin Rooney has trained a handful of men up at Renzo Gracie’s gymnasium, strength coach Itsvan Javorek has been using complexes for a while “Renegade Training” Coach John Davies made great use with permutations of a complex he calls the “Bear,” and I have even used them in my training programs.

Complexes are superb for a range of reasons. First, they’re an exercise that you get the maximum “bang for your buck.” Using one simple methodology, you can train cardiovascular conditioning, muscled endurance and conditioning, strength and strength-endurance ( depending on how heavy you train ), as well as the unsubstantial factor of mental toughness. Besides they’re quick! A good complex workout can kick your tail and have you in & out of the gymnasium within 20-25 minutes.

There are multiple techniques you can implement complexes into your total SC program. What I really like to do ( and did in Program one of “Working Class Fitness The Programs” ) is to do some basic full-body strength work first only 2-4 compound exercises. Either then ( or at a later part in the day ), come back and do your complexes. The compound exercises will help you build your power and strength, while the complexes can be used to target muscular endurance and conditioning, as well as overall GPP ( General Physical preparedness ).

To explain Program one, I rotate a basic set / rep scheme over three exercises a higher body push, and higher body pull, and a squat / deadlift variant. I then utilized the following complicated :

Another way to implement complexes would be to setup two different workouts one with higher reps and lower ( comparatively speaking ) weight to target the previously mentioned muscly endurance and conditioning. Then setup another workout, only this time, employ heavier weight and lower reps. If feasible, even have multiple weights ( i.e. Barbells, pairs of dumbbells, and so on. ) at your disposal, so that you can tax each exercise as much as humanly possible. Alternate days of complex coaching, 3x / week, doing each 3x over 2 weeks. On the first week, you’d do your endurance complicated on Mon, strength complicated on married, endurance complicated on Fri. Then, on the second week, strength complicated on Mon, endurance complex on wed, and strength complex again on Fri.

Another choice when designing your complexes would be to go for an amalgam of strength and endurance. Utilize a heavy weight, and choose exercises that let you use heavier weights. For those exercises that you’re stronger on, just do a couple more reps. Then, with some movements that you are very strong on, do a highly explosive / tough bodyweight exercise.

For example, here’s a dumbbell ( DB ) complicated I used years back with plenty of good results :

-Chins ( weighted if need be ) x 6-8

-DB Bent Raise / Rows x six

-DB Snatch x eight ( each side )

-DB Swing x 12-15 ( each side )

*Repeat 3-6x. Rest 45-90 secs between complexes.

When utilised right, complexes can be used to do a wide variety of goals all you have got to do is use your imagination!

Train Hard, Rest Hard, Play hard.

Middle Pocket Pairs Underrated Hands in Poker

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Perhaps one of the most overrated and at the same time underrated hands in poker are middle pocket pairs. Many people think they are the greatest thing on earth, but at the same time many people think they are completely useless and invaluable. What most fail to realize is that a middle pocket pair is exactly what the name says it is; middle. In some cases it is a great hand and in others it is a terrible hand. There are some cases where you will get paid off huge with the hand and others that you will lose a lot of money.

Any pair ranging from pocket 3?s ? pocket 10?s would be considered a mid pocket pair. Most of these hands will have approximately a 50% chance to win in a showdown. They will usually be going against two over cards that are higher then the pair they have. This will give them a decent chance to win, but the same chance of losing. Depending on how good you feel about a 50/50 chance would depend on whether or not it would be worth it for you to go All In before the flop with a hand like that. It is not uncommon to see people do this. If you are hoping for a chance to get a three of a kind then this is probably not smart to go after. The chances of this happening are very slim. In fact you would only have a little under an eleven percent chance of getting a set on the flop. As far as preflop action goes, it really depends on the player when it comes to deciding how valuable a mid pocket pair is. When it comes to playing the hand out, this is a different story. Your pocket pair can really pay off it you manage to hit that set that you have an 11% chance to do. If you hit it, nobody will expect it and you will get paid off most of the time. Example:

Say there are 5 people in the hand after the flop and you have pocket 8,s with $300.00 in the pot.The flop = 8(s) K(c) A(d)

Now, before the flop we will pretend that there was a raise and a few callers. At this point we can assume that someone has an Ace and probably a king too. You just hit a monster hand that nobody will ever be able to put you on. You can basically just sit back and watch fireworks go off, and in the end you will end up making a lot of money. It is the best situation to be in, and it is almost always worth giving it a try.When is it not worth taking the 11% chance?

Back to what is so often talked about; Pot Odds.

If there is not enough money in the pot before the flop then you should not take the chance. There should also be a good chance of a lot more money going into the pot if you do hit your set (known as implied pot odds). If the pot odds and the implied pot odds are right, meaning that if you do hit your set you will get paid off in a huge way, then you should always go for it. You should never put all of your money on the line in hopes to catch trips. If you know that someone else has a pocket pair higher then yours, you have a very big chance to lose. There is never a need to put your money in the middle when you know you are beat.

Ways for Getting a Perfect Logo Designed

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It is much obvious that any company would want their logo to be the best. But the question is how do we differentiate between a good logo and an average logo. Confusion comes at the stage to decide whether the logo has to be simple or flashy and colorful.

The basic purpose of a logo needs to be well-defined to determine whether the design is good or not. For any organization it’s corporate logo design that’s of paramount importance in branding. It has to be capable enough to build positive market image of your company and show the brand’s attitude to the target audience. In short the visitors should have clear idea about the character, fundamental values and disposition of your organization via the logo.

A single logo can carry out various functions for corporate branding, it should be capable enough to construct image of the company that is positive and long lasting effect on the present and future customers. Logo impact has to be so strong that, whenever someone views the logo they should think about your company.

This point can be justified by the fact that all major brands have such kind of unique logo impact and outcome whether they are colorful or black and white. You remember the name of the company immediately when you see it. Thus you can yourself see the strong influence of logo on the minds of the customers.

So how to create such type of logo that have long lasting positive impression. Ask your logo designer to design in a way that it is easy for the people to remember it. Many companies think that having a complicated type logo would fetch better results, but this is not true most of the times. However a simple logo is much easy to remember and leaves behind greater impact on the minds of the people.

Prepare the list of mediums where you are going to use your company logo. A single logo is used on various mediums like websites, business cards, newspapers, magazines, etc. Therefore tell your logo designer in advance which mediums would be used for logo display. Also see to it that whether your logo looks good in black and white color, as if at some point of time you require any document in black and white color with your company logo and how it gels well with it as also.

Website Design Search Engine Marketing Issues

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I recently had an inquiry from someone who was looking for some possible SEO consulting with me. He was in the process of a redesign and wanted to be sure not to make any mistakes along the way, which is super-smart! The time to be looking at SEO is definitely in the beginning stage of any design or redesign project.

The interesting part of the email was this person’s misconceptions about what he thought were important factors for the search engines. I’d like to share those points with you, with my comments following each one:

This is a huge misconception to many who are trying to design search-engine-friendly websites. There’s nothing inherently wrong with using Flash and no reason to avoid it altogether. What you do need to avoid is an *all-Flash* site, as well as Flash navigation. But that’s it. And even if you have those things, there are workarounds.

* All scripts should be called from external files.

This is a great idea to keep file size down and make it easy to update your pages, but it’s got nothing to do with search engines or how your pages are ranked within them. Search engines have long known how to ignore code that is of no use to them. Whether your scripts are right there in the source code of the page or called up externally will have no bearing on your rankings or search engine relevance.

* The site should be designed using CSS as extensively as possible.

Another myth. CSS doesn’t have any special properties that search engines like better than tables or any other HTML code. Again, it may make it easier for you to update your pages, or to use your content for other things, but it’s not an SEO technique that will increase rankings or relevance.

* The CSS should be called from external files.

Same as calling up scripts in external files — nice to do, but not a search engine issue in the least.

* There should be no comments in the code. It should be added to an FAQ or Doc-type file.

Why not? I’m not sure where this myth came from, but I suppose if you’re thinking that file size is going to affect your search engine rankings, you might also believe this one. It may have also come about because some people used to think that adding keyword phrases to comment tags would help search engine rankings, even though it didn’t. Comment tags have long been ignored by the engines, and because of this, you can use them as much or as little in your source code as you would like. I always comment out bits of text and code that I no longer wish to use but that I may want to add back in later. It’s absolutely, positively not a problem!

* A large percentage of the code on each page needs to change from page to page so that the search engines don’t see the pages as duplicate content.

Nope. You certainly do NOT have to change the code in your pages to avoid duplicate-content issues! Website templates have code that is exactly the same from page to page. This is good and normal and certainly fine with the search engines. One would have to think that the search engineers were really dumb if they were going to penalize pages because they used the same design template from page to page! Sure, you don’t want the same exact *content* on every page of your site, but even that is not generally a problem if it’s a few sentences here and there. (See my recent article at Danny’s Search Engine Land site on the Myth of Duplicate Content here: http://searchengineland.com/070315-100022.php .

* All picture links should have text links under the pictures.

No reason for that at all. Image links that make use of the image alt attribute (aka “alt tags”) have always been followed easily by the search engines and will always continue to be followed. They’re followed even without the alt attribute, but the words you place in there tell the search engines and the site users exactly what they’ll be getting when they follow the link. It’s essentially the same thing as the anchor text of a text link.

* DO NOT use drop-down or fly-out menus using JavaScript.

This is fairly good advice; however, there are very easy workarounds if you have to use JavaScript menus for some reason. The “noscript” tag is a perfectly legitimate place to recreate your menu for those who (like the search engines) can’t do JavaScript. I’ve been using this technique since 2000 or so when my website was designed with JavaScript menus, and it’s definitely not a problem. I just haven’t gotten around to redesigning my site with a more crawler-friendly navigation. Certainly these days, a CSS menu would be a better option.

* Must use basic HTML link navigation (textual navigation, no JavaScript mouse-over, and no image map graphical navigation).

Yes and no. JavaScript links are definitely a no-no. But there are plenty of crawler-friendly image maps, and like I mentioned previously, graphical links are A-OK with search engines.

* All pages must be VALIDATED by an HTML validator and all style sheets need to be VALIDATED through a CSS validator.

Why? This has nothing to do with search engines. It’s nice to do, though.

* The majority of the site will be static, as static pages are easier for search engines to crawl and rank properly.

‘Fraid not. Dynamic pages are just as easy to crawl and rank as static pages. Most websites today are dynamic because they’re simply easier to maintain. The search engines have figured out how to crawl and rank them just fine for many, many years now. It’s true that there are specific things you need to watch out for when creating a dynamic site, but most developers are aware of the worst of the issues. You certainly should consult with an SEO if you’re changing content management systems, or if you’re having problems getting your dynamic URLs spidered and indexed. But there’s no reason to have only static pages on your site because you’re worried about the search engines being able to index dynamic pages.

* The site needs to be browser-compatible and screen-resolution-compatible.

This is another thing that’s nice to do for your site visitors, but it has no bearing on search engine rankings or relevance.

Phew! I hope this helped clear up a lot of misconceptions that anyone else may have had. Please don’t get me wrong — I do agree that most of the things listed here are great design tips that can help you to create an awesome, user-friendly website. I just want to make it very clear that they have nothing to do with SEO, rankings, spidering, indexing, etc.

24 Hour Support Is Important From A Web Host

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Many people are looking to economize these days and in light of that it is important to understand that there are many companies that will offer you free or very inexpensive web hosting services. It is important, however to understand what they are offering you and whether or not their services will meet the needs of your growing business. You need unlimited bandwidth and some good design tools that include the support services that you will need at first. With the bandwidth issue taken care of it means that you will be able to get as big as you want or can. When you get busier you will need more space and you will be able to. The tools are the things that you actually create your site with. They have to be simple for the average Joe to use. You need support because everyone gets confused at times.Those free web hosting guys don’t mention that they will be charging you for the domain name in the beginning of their sales pitch. They go together. So that’s why you need to check carefully because you will be paying for something and you might as well get the best deal. One thing you certainly want from your web host is to be able to contact them when you need them. It is so annoying to be in the middle of something and get stuck, and there’s no help for hours.Unlimited data transfer is a selling point. This means that all sorts of people can get on your site and put orders in or check stuff out and it is never too much to be handled. That is pretty important if your goal is a whole lot of that happening.You need to find out about downtime. This is hard to check into really because it is based on using the site to see how it goes. You have all tried to do something online at times and the site says they are closed for maintenance. This is downtime. It will send customers scurrying to other sites faster than you can blink an eye. You just have to ask the company you are looking into how much they have.

Keep your Website Lively with Content Management System

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Every small or big company can have a website of their own, but creating and maintaining them is a tedious task. Content management system can play vital role in accomplishing this task with much ease. Basically a CMS is a centralized interface that does the job of management of cascading style sheets.

You can use this tool for uploading content, manage graphics library, visitors can also create content, getting affiliate program links and so on.

It also has some technical aspect. In online market free CMS software is also available which you can use for your website. This can be beneficial if you have a fixed budget and don’t want to pay a custom developer for writing.

Need for this system becomes necessary when the number of web pages on your website increases. It facilitates its running and management in reference to the content. Experts always advice to use common installation strategy for CMS. It would make the work of meeting clients’ requirements much easier which includes upgradation of present website, by making use of blog-style software.

There are many benefits of a content management system for a website user, they can post the content whatever they desire and maintain the site quality. It would give user the freedom to manage the web content and don’t need to post it to the service provider for formatting or editing, and saves on time also. It works wonders for website owners and do immense good for their online business. Some of the sites still follow the old format of websites of four pages that are same after many years.

A site that is upgraded after regular time period gets positive response and web traffic from the search engines. It increases the attraction quotient of your website. Well-framed CMS reduces your overall burden for maintaining your website and you even don’t have to work more for it!

Hence it is very important to select right type of content management system, you can also hire a good content writer. However hiring a writer, installing a general CMS or a customized CMS depends upon your requirements. For instance if your requirements include version tracking of articles, maintaining a deadline for freelance writers, etc need a customized content management system. If your work is related to IT work, getting a commercial package is best thing to do.

In order to gain complete control over this system and get ahead to competition, consider taking technical advice and help.

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