Careers In The Health Care Industry

Careers In The Health Care Industry


If you''re a health care provider who is looking for dedicated workers, we can help.

As an employer, you''re interested in finding well trained and highly dedicated individuals to serve your clients. You want to be confident that the individuals you hire will be prepared to meet the unique challenges you face as you grow your business. You want people who understand and support your corporate philosophies and are able to support them with excellent service to all.

We can help you find highly qualified personnel who have the potential of being a great fit for your corporate initiatives. While working in the industry we come in contact with, and become well acquainted with, some of the best in the field - individuals who are interested in identifying new opportunities. While we are not matchmakers or recruiters, we can serve as a bridge connecting employers with employees who share a similar vision. We can introduce you to people we know who have a record of integrity and dedication and a reputation for excellence.

Let us know what skills you require, what positions you need to fill. We may know someone who would be a perfect match for you. You can reach us by phone (773-936-6088) or email at

Job Seekers:

Looking for a position in health care is no less challenging. You want to use your training and expertise working for an employer who appreciates your dedication in an environment that welcomes your competencies and dedication.

We understand. PeaceOfMind partners with many health care providers. We are keenly aware of the unique needs for qualified health care professionals. If you would like us to be a resource in your search for that perfect match, send us an email and your resume to Let''s get acquainted. We don''t provide a job bank or recruit individuals; but, we do have a keen insight into the needs of our clients who need competent and skilled people to join their teams.