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I know that sounds crazy, but I’m going to try to be anorexic. I don’t believe it’s a “disease in the mind” because my life is great, except for the fact that I have gained like 10 lbs this summer! I feel so so so so so fat, so I’m going to try to not eat anything for at LEAST 3 days. I’m going to drink a lot of water/tea/and milk. I’ll also take vitamins so I”ll get my nutrition. I’m kinda scared though.

I’ll still be taking vitamins! IF I take those hair skin and nails vitamins, then I’ll be good.

My six month old is sick and doesn’t want to drink her formula…?

in fact, whenever she does, she vomits. It’s not spit up, it’s vomit. What’s going on with her milk? I’m concerned because this has been going on since Sunday night. Since then she’s been eating her gerber foods vigorously, and she will drink juice and her Pedalyte. But I’m concerned that she’s not getting the proper nutrition because she wont eat her formula. Does this sound normal? What can I do to make sure she’s getting the nutrients that she needs?

did anyone use muscle juice? i want to ask if i will gain weight by adding muscle or fat from this product?

Energy: 1021 Cal (1303 Cal w/ 500ml 2% milk)

Leucine: 6112mg, Threonine:4187mg, Isoleucine:3548mg, Meth:1223mg, Val:3417mg,Pheny:1925, Lys:5122, Tryptophan:894, Arg:1485, Glyc:1100, Aspar:6346, Hist:1011, Prol:3584,Alan:2929,Serine:3039, Gluta:10973, Tryo:1753

Super Bowl Bash, 8ft. screen, lots of beer, what kinds of food would you want to see there????

Super Bowl Bash at work, (bar and grill so lots of beer), we have food, but looking for some good other ideas from ya’ll……..

Here’s what I want to know…?

All the nutrition facts say to feed my toddler only 2 oz of juice and no more than 4 oz of milk. My son is 15 months old and dislikes water so I have to put some juice in it for him to drink it…what I want to know is..What else am I suppose to give him? I have a very thirsty baby.

what kinda food do want to have for the super bowl game on sunday?

i think ribs and chicken sounds great, i love your ribs any ways

i want to prepare RAVA PUDDING-a sweet- preparation with calories value?

To Prepare Rava Pudding- with rava-1 cup, ghee- 1 cup, milk-1 cup, sugar 1 cup, banana+apple 1 cup- dry grapes-1o pieces, curdamom powder – 1 table spoon, cahsewnut 50 grms and fresh black grapes 100 gms. please furnish calorie and nutrition facts o each and recipe to make please

At my Super Bowl Party I want food from Chicago, Indy and Miami- What are good choices?

My job said no to a proposed food drive. Now I want to raise money on my own. Any suggestions?

Our local foodbank, along with many foodbanks nationwide, is in dire need of food and donations. I figured if we had a food drive / donation collection at work we could help a lot of people. I wrote up a great proposal which was turned down by the higher-ups at my company because of “legal issues”. I’m now on a mission to raise money for the foodbank on my own. Does anyone have any suggestions for asking other individuals, corporations, churches, schools for donations?

I want to do a double major what classes should I take?

I am attending CCAC for my first two years and transfering to a university after. What courses should I take at these schools? I want to major in nutrition and personal training. Do nutritionists do alot of math?

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